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Operated by the proud father of the 2002 Young Australian of the Year

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Opening doors to College Scholarship Opportunities

A trusted Scholarship Marketing Service since 1993

One of life's most exciting and ego boosting experiences is being recruited for college sports and receiving calls from college coaches. Parents lack the knowledge on how to begin the process of helping their son or daughter obtain a scholarship or financial aid. Thousands of superior athletes will continue to be overlooked only because parents and students do not understand the recruiting process.


Becoming  a client as early as Years 10/11 in Australia or Forms 5/6 in New Zealand, assists the student to focus on  the curriculum and education  levels required to complete Year 12 or Form 7 at High School in Australia or New Zealand.

Through the proven CPOA process you will have the opportunity to choose the best University with the degree most suited to you and with the best sporting competition available to you - the student-athlete.

If you study and play well 

  • you can return to Australia with a degree, 

  • have the experience of a lifetime and 

  • know that your sporting abilities assisted in providing you with an education.

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