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John C Hocknull 
J.P. (Qual)
Phone Queensland
0410 22 55 99
Proud father of the 2002 Young Australian of the Year
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Our Mission:
To continue to be the leading service provider for Australian & New Zealand students seeking sporting & academic scholarships to America.

Australian based (Queensland), John Hocknull is the National Director for the College Prospects Of America scholarship service. This service is aimed primarily towards helping young aspiring athletes further their ambitions and dreams, by taking up opportunities they have never thought possible.

There are a wide range of sporting scholarships available plus many extra benefits not forgetting the chance to excel academically. The Australasian connection has been operating since February 1993 and has already placed over 1000 athletes, with scholarships worth over $25million, on the program.

One of the biggest pluses the USA system has is that it provides student-athletes a focus for university as well as the opportunity to be the world's best in their sports field, opportunities they cannot find elsewhere.

John probably knows more about the American university system as it relates to sports scholarships than anyone else in Australia and New Zealand and his expertise has enabled hundreds of CPOA clients to make the right choices - academically, athletically and financially - to enable them to get good degrees and to reach their full sporting potential.

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