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Scholarship benefits:
The scholarships are offered by over 2000 universities in 26 different sports. Sport scholarships worth up to $350,000 each are being offered to Australian school students. The scholarships' can provide everything from food, to books, to competition. Successful applicants can choose from a variety of degree courses.

Scholarship requirements:
Students need only be good athletes and average scholars, to attract the attention of US Colleges, but must take the education aspect seriously.


CPOA (Australasia) is an Australian based company that has assisted over 500 student-athletes achieve their dream of a University education whilst participating in their chosen sport.

Many athletes increase their University contacts from five to over 100 in a matter of weeks after using the CPOA system.  Parents can assure themselves that they have given their son or daughter the best chance. 

Using the professional service of CPOA (Australasia) ensures that the fee paid is working effectively from registration to graduation - often up to 7 years.

CPOA (Australasia) is kept informed on a weekly basis of the rules and regulations and up to date information on entry into the University System,  which affect our clients acceptance into the NCAA Athletic system.

CPOA (Australasia) has negotiated a unique air fare and discounted comprehensive travel and medical insurance specifically for our student-athletes and families.

Coaches are provided with regular updated information by both mail and Internet throughout this time. Through a Toll Free number coaches can seek more information or simply let CPOA know the specific type of student athlete they are looking for.

Student-Athletes become CPOA clients as early as possible providing them and their parents with the longest period to consider the greatest number of  options available.  Informed decisions can then  be made when the student graduates at year 12 in Australia or Form 7 in New Zealand.   

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