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Professionals in sport have found that CPOA provides an objective viewpoint whilst considering the best options for their children. As Professionals they know the worth of using experts. Although they have an understanding of and are able to use their 'network' they believe that it is in their child's best interest to use a Professional service.

Families who feel their son or daughter has talent but they are unsure of the USA College System and if it is for them. These families consult an objective source of knowledge to enable them to make a considered decision with their children. They do not rely on hearsay and the views of a party with a vested interest in the student.

Individuals who wish to have a contact point for advice and guidance through the maze of paperwork. This service takes them through to the final selection of the most suitable college for their child. The college which looks good, sounds good and offers the most may not be the most appropriate school for their child.

Those who want ongoing advice even after their son or daughter has gone to the USA. There is no way CPOA deserts their clients just because they have been successful in obtaining a college place. We provide a sounding board for problems which may occur, objective advice on how to manage the system once the student is in it and ongoing support with a wide range activities from airfares, insurance, phone calls etc.

People who believe in the service we offer as they have been referred from satisfied Parents and Students because "Word of Mouth" marketing is the best and it really does work.

What standards do the athletes have to be? We have assisted World Champions, Gold Medal winning International Championship students, Australian school boy and school girl Champions, Australian International Representatives, Club Champions, Australian and State Age Record holders, A, B & C grade players and those with no rankings whatsoever. You do not have to be a champion but it helps. Those who are not champions also have the opportunity to achieve places and go on to bigger and better things.

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