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Common Questions

Question: "When should I start making an effort to get the attention of college coaches?"

Answer: As soon as you show exceptional potential. Many clients enrol in our service early in their high school career. The key is not to wait too long. The recruiting process is well underway by the time an athlete enters his or her final year of high school.

Question: "I know I can play in college, but only a few local college coaches have called, and I'd like a better opportunity. Is that possible?"

Answer: Chances are that a lot of coaches would be interested but they have never heard of you, much less that you might be available to them.

Question: "I'm going to a camp next summer, and I expect lots of college coaches to see what I can do. Will that work?"

Answer: A college coach usually goes to a camp specifically to watch someone already on his or her list, not to "discover" new talent.

Question: "My coach has told me not to worry about a scholarship since he will take care of it. Should I rely on that?"

Answer: You should check your school's history on scholarships received in the past and expect about the same results in the future. Find out from your coach what kind of help you and your team mates can expect.

Question: "My parents and I plan to write to several colleges to see if they are interested. Why should someone else do it?"

Answer: That's better than doing nothing at all, but coaches expect a certain bias from parents and athletes. An objective source presenting your skills and accomplishments has more credibility.