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Coaches trust and respect the outstanding job CPOA does in evaluating and marketing high school athletes.

 CPOA offers its services to only those student-athletes who can compete at the University level and are academically qualified to enter the system.

 Regular 'Memos from Downunder'  keep our Downunder Prospectsu  in front of Coaches.


"CPOA .... is second to none in providing exposure to the high school student athlete ."                                                                Director of Football Operations, NCAA Div. I.

"I want to thank you for sending all of the profiles of [your latest]  graduates.... We have on our team three of your prospects."                                                                             Head Men's and Women's Track & Cross Country Coach, NCAA Div. I.

"Collegiate recruiting is an exhausting, never-ending task ... College Prospects is clearly a valuable resource in this essential aspect of a coach's job"                                              Head Coach Men's and Women's Track and Field, NCAA Div. I.

"College Prospects of America has given me access to even the 'hard to reach' athletes."                                                       Head Men's Lacrosse Coach, NCAA Div I