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CPOA Scholarship Application:
What it does for you ...
Many athletes increase their college contacts from five to 
over 100 in a matter of weeks.  

This is just one reason why thousands of young athletes around the world use the College Prospects system. Parents can assure themselves that they have given their son or daughter the best chance.

Our system features:

  • Assessment of Education and Athletic information to determine realistic ability levels, goals and desires.

  • Australian Based office that is kept up to date on changes in Rules and Regulations on a weekly basis. 

  • www access for coaches and to CPOA (Home Office) in the United States of America.

  • Profile layout designed by college coaches for college coaches.

  • Individual athletes' files maintained and updated.

  • Massive mailings to College Coaches based on academics and athletic abilities.

  • Yearly updates of athletes' achievements sent to College Coaches.

  • Guidance and instruction on how to achieve bargaining power in the recruiting process.

  • Trained staff providing information on ever-changing recruiting rules.

  • Competitive advantage over those who do not understand the recruiting process.

  • "800" hotline linking College Coaches to current information on our worldwide pool of athletes. Talented athletes should contact our nearest representative or home office immediately to learn what College Prospects of America can do for them.