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"Scott's dream has now come true with your help .. CPOA  (Australasia) is one of the most efficient and effective fee for service organisations we have had to deal with ... value for our investment has been repaid.."                       Parents - New South Wales.

"The advice, support and expert knowledge supplied by CPOA (Australasia)  has been most impressive.... a demonstrated genuine interest in the welfare of our son and ourselves along the way.... we have found CPOA courteous considerate and extremely helpful in dealing with all the offers that have come through from the United States."          Parents -   Queensland.

"Barbara had offers from all over America, both academic and tennis .... including many DIV I  NCAA Universities... We would have no hesitation in recommending CPOA (Australasia)...Parents -  New South Wales.

"Our son Darrin  is a very competent tennis player and an excellent scholar... CPOA (Australasia) has been enlightening, precise and very clear.  CPOA has great knowledge of the system and the right channels to follow.  Saving of time is also a large factor... the fee charged for the service is very fair and we would not hesitate to recommend CPOA to any parents."                                  Parents - New South Wales.

"CPOA (Australasia's) knowledge and advice often smoothed the path of bureaucracy to a satisfactory conclusion... my thanks for all the expertise and patience provided by CPOA."       Parent - Victoria.

"I would go so far as to recommend CPOA (Australasia) to anyone who aspires to be something more than a swimmer at the end of their swimming career.  It is not just swimming, or just a university degree - it is a four year experience that will last a life time."                                      Student - South Australia.

"We would both like to thank you for all your help in walking us through the intricacies of the system. It would not have been possible without your encouragement and knowledge."              Parents - New South Wales.

"Hello John,

Thanks for your recent letter and while we are inside waiting for this cyclone to pass we thought we would drop you a quick line and let you know how Graeme's handling the US.

Graeme is really enjoying the whole aspect of PC.  He informs us that everyone has been so friendly and helpful towards him.  He's passing all his exams but one needs 70% to pass in that college.  It's a very high academic college and a lot of commitment is required in order for one to succeed.  He said it's a fabulous environment in that respect as most all of the students there were top of their class in high school and have a great work ethic like him.

Tennis is great!  He's played four or five tournaments so far and has had a few losses and some wins but happy with how he is playing considering it was close to 6 months since he had played a tournament in Aus.  He's been to several big cities around SC and NC and enjoying the experience of travelling away.  In just over two weeks the team fly to Hawaii to play against four universities there.  The whole of PC are very envious of the tennis team apparently. I don't blame them!  The guys on the team want Graeme to teach them how to surf.  Let's hope the waves aren't too big!

I have a friend here in NQ who has a nephew in Brisbane that plays tennis and when told about Graeme was quite interested to know more.  I have passed on all the information about your organization so hopefully you may have another recruit.  It has been wonderful for Graeme.  He just loves it and cannot  praise PC enough.  We are very happy and comforted to know that it has worked out so well for him.  Let's hope it stays that way and we honestly don't see how it will change. Graeme has always been a very focused goal setter and this was his goal to educate himself whilst still having he opportunity to play tennis.

Graeme heads back to Aus. late May I think and will be home for three months or so.  He will be competing in a few local tournaments in the North and I daresay he will have a fitness routine to stick to.  A good vacation job packing bananas might help also!

Anyway, in a nutshell we would thoroughly recommend PC to any student who is willing to put in the hard yards with study as well as sport.  We thank you for all your help and will be in contact periodically to keep you updated.

Kind Regards,        Parents - Queensland


"Let us begin by thanking you for your assistance during one of the most stressful times in our lives. Your honesty, expertise in the inner workings of the football business, and friendship was appreciated more than we can say. If we could offer advice to anyone who is thinking about employing your company, it would be; don't wait."                             Mr. & Mrs. J. Glisson, TX

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help we received from College prospects of America. …Thank you for your commitment to young athletes. It is obvious that College Prospects of America has made all the difference in our hopes for Faye's future."                 Ms, Y. Murren, FL

"The interview process and response from this firm was excellent. We were contacted by over fifty U.S. colleges and universities we would not have known of…without going through this process."
Dr. D. G. Player, Canada Superintendent of Schools and C.E.O. West Vancouver School District

"The three of us wish to express our deepest gratitude to you and the services provided by College Prospects that enabled Andrew to became a (Duke) Blue Devil. We thank you again for the time you spent guiding Andrew as he weighed his options and for being there to calm our nerves throughout this collegiate recruiting process."                         Mr. & Mrs. J. Mutschler, MA.

"If you ever have another family who isn't sure if your offerings are too good to be true, I'd be flattered if you'd personally tell them to call me…collect!"
Mr. K. Love, TX

"I would strongly recommend any parent to make use of your services in order to give their child the very best chance"
Mr.C. Donald, United Kingdom (father of an NCAA National Champion)

"Each young player believes he can, if the desire is there, go on to play college level ball. All that is needed is that bit of help from College Prospects of America."
Mr. E. S. Turner III, CO

"Rarely does a player sit out his senior year in high school and still get a scholarship offer. The fee that I paid was a great investment. For several hundred dollars, you helped my son get a scholarship worth over $40,000. Thanks again."
Mr. Matt Musil, TX   

"As a high school principal and parent of a senior…let me thank you again and offer my highest recommendation to prospective clients."
Mr. J. Gallagher, NJ

"Thank you for the diligent and persistent effort you provided Bo during
the recruiting season. As a father, it is reassuring to know you had
his best interest in mind throughout the process. Candidly, I can only
imagine what the results might have been had we not made the commitment to College Prospects of America."

Mr. Steve Davis, Tulsa, OK (Former Oklahoma Univ. All-America QB)