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"Why can't I write to several Universities myself?   Why should I pay someone else do it?"

Letters from parents and athletes are usually the very last source of recruiting information used by coaches as they receive hundreds of requests from student-athletes around the World.

"Why can't  I just use the Internet?"

An objective source presenting your skills and  accomplishments has more credibility.   CPOA has built up a reputation with many coaches in the provision of  reliable, trusted  information in a recognizable format.

"A coach, family member or friend has said they can get me a scholarship to attend "X" University"

Take advantage of the process, through CPOA, of circulating your details to all Universities that offer your particular sport and academic desire. Don't simply go to a University known to your coach, family or friend.  It may not be the most suitable.

"My family is willing to pay full fees to attend the University of my choice".

If your academic and sporting abilities are of a sufficient level, why not take the option and opportunity of applying for a scholarship. Consider the amount of money to be saved!