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So you're in year 11 (Form 6) , year 12 (Form 7) or you have graduated from high school and you are under 21 years of age, good at sport, interested in going to University- but don't know where to go from here.

Thought about the United states of America?

The service is aimed towards helping young athletes further their ambitions and dreams by taking up opportunities they have never thought possible.

There are over 3000 Universities and Colleges in America, with 1700 offering scholarships or financial aid to assist the athlete in 26 different sports. (American Football, basketball, baseball, cross-country, fencing, field hockey (women), golf, gymnastics, ice hockey (men), lacrosse, rodeo, rowing (crew) skiing, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, indoor and outdoor track & field, volleyball, water polo, wrestling.)

The CPOA service offers the opportunity for a detailed profile of the student, including academic qualifications, press clippings and coaches recommendations to be placed in front of the relevant coaches at the most appropriate university or college for that student. Offers can then be made to the athlete, enabling students to select the one most suited to them.

By using the services of CPOA many athletes increase their college contacts from 5 to over 100 in a matter of weeks. This is just one reason why thousands of young athletes around the world use the College Prospects systems. Parents can assure themselves that they have given their son or daughter the very best chance.

As the college year commences in August each year, with some commencing in January, the best time to apply through CPOA is whilst the student is at high school in year 11. This assists them in becoming focussed on making the correct choices of subjects required to have been studied thereby improving their prospects and giving them the best chance to gain entry to the U.S. system.

Students must be studying at least 5 assessable Board of Education subjects, be ranked in or competing in the top in their State and really want to go to the States to study at university.

Three College athletic systems available to students are -NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA.

There is a fee for our service. Through CPOA's Head Office in the States information on the student - athlete is distributed to all universities and colleges which offer scholarships or financial aid in their particular sport and this information is updated throughout the year.

Making the right choice is important and the student-athlete should not rush into the first offer. Many of the current clients of CPOA Australasia have had several offers and can sit back and consider which is best for them.

Selecting - the right college - the right degree -sporting competition - the right area -is paramount to the students future career.

Elite athletes are usually catered for in Australia. It is the athlete who may be 3rd or 4th in Australia, New Zealand or their home State who can make the best use of the CPOA service. Because of the number of colleges in U.S. the opportunity exists for these athletes to achieve their desire to compete and study - when perhaps this may not be available in Australia.

A number of Top New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia Junior Athletes are clients with College Prospects of America and have taken up offers of scholarship at various Universities to commence this August.

Key Benefits

  •  Offers students access to the best of both worlds -tuition and competition. 
  • Receive a sound academic qualification while continuing to be involved at the top level in a sporting competition.
  • Athletics coaches in the particular sport are able make direct contact and many offers can be expected.

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