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As an additional part of our service, College Prospects of America (CPOA) is proud to announce that students seeking scholarships in Academic or Arts courses will now be catered for.

The opportunity to apply for entrance to hundreds of American Colleges and Universities through CPOA is now available for Australian and New Zealand students.

Students of non-English speaking background are required to meet specific conditions and should take the TOEFL Test. Therefore they should make contact immediately to start processing their application.

This service follows the same format and procedure as that for Student-Athlete Applicants and the necessary application forms will be forwarded as requested.

Some commonly asked questions:

Do you provide a Guarantee of Scholarship?

It would be dishonest of CPOA to make such guarantees and our Head Office in Logan, Ohio, makes it quite clear in our Agreement Documents that no one is in a position to make such guarantees. We do however guarantee to place before those decision makers of at least 250 Universities or Colleges a comprehensive Profile of the student.

What do we get for our money?

College Prospects of America has been in operation for over 15 years in the USA, 9 years in Europe and over 7 years in Australasia. Such an organisation will only flourish through a proven track record of success. Based on our athletic success rate, research was carried out amongst the 1700 Colleges and Universities we deal with and based on these findings it was decided to offer the service we offer to athletes to academic and arts scholars who are of the equivalent standard in their field. Therefore you receive the backing and expertise of the World's Largest Marketing Service for Students.

Can I do it myself?

Certainly you can but here are a few of the advantages of going through CPOA. The institutions we contact on your behalf see the information we provide as an objective assessment of you and your qualifications. We have screened your data before it goes to the institutions and verified that the information is accurate having had independent evidence provided through your references, press clippings, certificates etc. For you to send the same information to 250 institutions it will cost you in excess of $2,000 let alone the task of finding the institutions which offer the academic course you wish to study.

When should I start the process?

You should start as soon as possible as all of these processes take time and for the correct decision to be made the greatest amount of time is needed. The institution needs time to fully assess your 'worth' to them and you need the maximum amount of time to assess the 'value' of the institution and whatever it has to offer to you.

What else is there of advantage to me?

We have negotiated with a major American airline a very special airfare for our clients. This airfare is unobtainable to anyone else. The saving on these airfares will make the fee we charge for the service even more cost effective. As well as a very attractive Insurance Policy, an important consideration for your stay in the USA whilst outside of the University.


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